Dot Fiftyone Gallery. Omar Barquet and Michiyoshi Deguch

From Sept 11th through Nov 11th, 2010.

altPersevering in the exploration of tectonic planes, surfaces and volumes, Omar Barquet sheds the formal purism to move the geometry to an organic state, where properties are abstracted of the individual’s subjectivity. Barquet condenses so particularly the operation on the set of works of art presented in the show “Pautas”, where he reveals the chromatic dissonance of memory.

Like a reflectent kaleidoscope, Omar Barquet’s body of work, to be exhibited in his first Miami show, projects chromatic abstractions of suggestive luminance nature, that when going into depths of a dark room bounces and shapes spectral volumes, resonant permanence of what was one presence. The subtle sonorous quality of the pieces remembers the tectonic condition of music, not only because it reaches what the sight cannot, but also because by its own rules and pauses, music molds time until it constructs space.

Omar Barquet was born in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico in 1979. He received his degree in Fine Arts at the Esmeralda National School of Painting, Sculpting, and Engraving in Mexico City, where he has settled for more than 9 years. His work analyzes the public and the private space, uniting the process where the sculpture, the surroundings and other means, converge in installation projects. He has had exhibitions in diverse national and international forums, showing samples in New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Lima, and Mexico City. He is also member and founder of the art collective “Segundo Piso”, comprising of Agustín González, José Luis Landet, and Moris Israel Meza Moreno. He has been a creditor to the national and state Scholarship Fund for Culture and Arts in the Creative Youths program, as well as the Scholarship Current Art Bancomer MACG. In 2009, Barquet carried out a two-month residency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2010, he exhibited at the “Carrillo Gill Museum” in Mexico City and by November of this year, after his exhibition in Miami, he will be presenting special installation project at “El Eco Museum” in Mexico City.  The exhibition has received the support of Cultural Institute of Mexico in Miami and the General Consulate of Mexico in Miami.

Project Room Second Floor:  Michiyoshi Deguchi “Inner Drawing”

In the gallery project room, a series of art installations by Japanese artist Michiyoshi Deguchi’swill be exhibited for the first time in Miami. Deguchi has been creating such artworks that lead the viewers make their own interpretations by many ways of expressions. His present works adopt acrylic domes, in which he places photos showing a process of drawings and the on-site scene of them as well as actual motifs. The goal of Deguchi’s artworks is to express the will to draw pictures as a human nature capturing the moment and the space. He doesn’t seek for artistic value to the drawings and the photographs. The drawings are record of interaction between the drawer and the subjects, the photographs are the testimony of the drawing scene. While appreciating his artwork, a totally different new image comes up in our mind.

Dot Fiftyone Gallery
51 NW 36th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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