Dot Fiftyone Gallery presents Andrés Ferrandis and Andrea Chehebar

From Nov 12th, 2009 through Jan 12th, 2010

Dot Fiftyone Gallery will be showcasing two simultaneous exhibitions until January, 2010: “Thaw”, a solo show presenting new work by Andrés Ferrandis and “Purusha”, a project room by Andrea Chehebar.

Andres Ferrandis, Thaw (Deshielo):

Using color, non-conventional media and materials, and strategic placement, Andres Ferrandis accomplishes pieces that capture the spectator’s curiosity for truth and thought. Andres’ work depicts an evident influence from constructivist and architectural trends. The appeal lies in the fact that there is no abstraction in the creative process of his pieces. Ferrandis’ concept of footprints left behind is portrayed in his work through his tactical minimal brushstroke and linear panels; just as time has passed by in our dimension, his brush has passed leaving reminiscent color behind. The sequence of his work (produced for a decade and a half in a Latin American context) demonstrates the existence, in stylistic terms, of a unique language characterized by both conceptual and formal homogeneity.

Born in Spain (1965) and a resident of Miami since 2002, he received a master’s degree in fine arts at the Universities of La Laguna and Seville. After living and working in different locations in Spain, he traveled overseas to Cuba, Costa Rica and the U.S. Ferrandis has exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs throughout the U.S., Europe and Latin America.

In addition to this exhibit, Andres Ferrandis will also be featured at the Dot Fiftyone Gallery Booth at Art Miami in December and Miami International Art Fair in January 2010. 

Andrea Chehebar, Purusha

Colombian artist Andrea Chehebar will be presenting a project room encompassing photography, video installation, and mixed media pieces.

“We are all different on the outside; no one human being is or thinks exactly the same as another. So, what is it that unites us all?  What is that imperishable, unchanging essence we all seem to share?”

Once this question is understood and the search for its answer begins, we realize this non-dualistic essence begins to reveal itself, and as a result, Prakrti, the material world, will not be of importance anymore.  Purusha, pure consciousness, is the divine self that abides in all beings and guides us. What is due to us will eventually reach us naturally and with no need to worry. If we do not retain any identifying traits, then who are we? There is only one truth and we all share it. It does not need labels because it always remains the same, it can never be altered.  Suddenly religion, skin color, nationality, and ideals all become priority. Anything that causes pain or separation cannot come from this eternal source; this source is love in its purest form. Strive to find your light, share it and recognize it in others; the rest will come later”. – Andrea Chehebar.

Dot Fiftyone Gallery
51 NE 36th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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