Dot Fiftyone Gallery presents Fusion by Leonel Matheu

From Feb 13th through Mar 8th, 2010.

Matheu’s iconic images, reminiscent of child’s play, simplicity, and at times injured naiveté, make a re-appearance in “Fusion”, a collection of drawings by the artist. Matheu recently participated in art fairs such as Art Miami and MIA Art Fair, where he presented his interactive installation called “Fusion”, the star of this upcoming exhibit. This interactive installation involves the spectator in the artwork by making him or her a crucial character or symbol in the piece itself. In fact, it is not until the spectator becomes involved that the piece is really complete. Viewers will have a chance to take a photograph with the installation, making the artistic experience engaging and lasting.

Matheu’s origins as a graphic designer are still at the surface of his every concept and attempt at expression. As such an artist, he keeps to his duty and uses the medium to encourage our constant alertness to the art around us. Matheu’s use of images translates into a graphic language that communicates everyday life and everyday emotions with the introduction of new symbols and the reappearance of past favorites.

“Fusion is a show in which a series of individual pieces that have distinct characteristics stand together in a collaborative theme; a theme that is rich in a reflective and analytical spirit. Within this exhibit, the spectator will find “Fusion”, the piece that inspired the exhibit and gave it its name. “Fusion” is a piece that fuses time and space into reality – a reality that results from the presence of humans and art in the physical sense of a world created by an originally artistic idea.” says Matheu about the work.

Dot Fiftyone Gallery
51 NW 36th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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