East Village Gallery

Art from the Street. Through Jan 31st, 2009.  East Village Gallery. Miami GalleriesThe newly created East Village Gallery in Wynwood Art District is currently presenting an exhibition titled Stratum, featuring the work of eight progressive artists: Shie Moreno, Leonardo Hidalgo, Alex Brewer, Alex Yanes, Rachel Mouial, Natalia Yovane, Richard Hambleton and Todji Kurtzman.

The work showcased in Stratum celebrates artists’ who share an inherent need to create imagery captivating social life and personal exploration. Stratum has united seven progressive artists from the east coast metropolitan hubs including Miami, Atlanta, New York City, and St. Martin Island. Stratum includes paintings from the six emerging artists and the unveiling of Todji Kurtzman’s 12-foot sculpture weighing over 2,000 pounds. Each of these artists’ work embodies internally consistent characteristics that are distinguishable from their peers.

The newest artist to join the Wynwood Gallery is Alex Yanes. "My generation was raised on cartoons, graffiti and tattoos; it's what we consider fine art." Using vivid colors, Yanes uses bold outlines to define his intricate figures.

East Village Gallery
3450 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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