Education Fund’s Annual Charity Auction "The Art of Found Objects"

May 20, 2011. 7:00 p.m.

altThe Education Fund’s Annual Charity Auction “The Art of Found Objects” will take place at The Moore Building in the Miami Design District on May 20 at 7:00 p.m. This exclusive art and children’s education devotee event will showcase more than 200 one-of-a-kind artworks created by Miami-Dade County public school students and teachers. The event will feature live music by the New World School of the Arts and an epicurean feast with local celebrity chefs, as well as bids on exclusive items and luxury vacation packages.

The charity auction combines the power of a child’s imagination with the ultimate recycling program. This year the auction will feature unique pieces of art created by Miami-Dade elementary, middle and high-school students and teachers representing close to 50 schools, many in low income neighborhoods. The original works were all crafted from supplies “found” at The Education Fund’s Ocean Bank Center for Educational Materials. The Center is stocked with donated supplies, where more than 15,000 teachers and their students have shopped free of charge for classroom supplies since 1993.

“The real power of this event is that it reminds us of the extraordinary talent of the kids in our public schools,” said Linda Lecht, President, The Education Fund.  “If we hope to turn that talent into dreams, careers, leadership, and success, we simply must provide these students and their teachers with the tools and resources they need to be successful.”

The auction is a popular event attended by the who’s who in the South Florida community – business leaders, art supporters and many affluent individuals. Many of our community’s top art collectors attend the event each year, including R. Kirk Landon, a philanthropist and art collector; Myrna Palley, whose world-class glass art collection is on display in its own wing at the Lowe Art Museum; Carol Damian, the Director and Chief Curator at the Frost Art Museum; Merle Weiss, art collector and board member at South Florida Arts Center; Norma Jean Abraham, philanthropist and event aficionada; and hundreds more.
This year also marks The Education Fund’s 25th anniversary. To celebrate, The Education Fund is honoring 25 local leaders who are all products of the Miami-Dade County public schools, showing what a public education can do for you! Honorees include the new head of Jackson Health System, a college president, the founder of Sushi Maki, two Congresswomen, a plastic surgeon and 19 others who have all achieved success (see list below).

“It is the commitment to education of others that help young children achieve individual success,” said Dr.  Carlos Wolf, a renowned plastic surgeon and one of the 25 honorees. “I applaud The Education Fund, the teachers, and all those dedicated to improving the public education system.”

This year, the auction will also spotlight the culinary arts, featuring a gourmet feast prepared by student chefs from Robert Morgan Senior High School’s award-winning culinary arts magnet program. With a charitable donation of food from Whole Foods, these junior chefs have created signature dishes using the recipes provided by respected chefs Michael Schwartz of Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink, Michelle Bernstein of Michy’s, and Cindy Hutson of Ortinique on the Mile.

Education Fund’s Annual Charity Auction
The Moore Space
4040 NE 2nd Avenue. Suite 200
Miami, FL 33137

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