Elements of Art

Who Am I? From Feb 14th through Mar 27th, 2009.   Elements of Art. Miami ArtsElements of Art will host their first exhibition of the year on February 14th, 2009. The art exhibition/auction will take place during the Design District's gallery walk. The district offers an array of gallery, artists and most importantly artwork that expresses the culture that is South Florida.

Elements of Art will bring seven artists from all over the world to Ornare. The exhibition is an opportunity to promote their artists, the arts in South Florida and the luxury that Ornare's multi-functional provides.

The event will feature display art that follows the theme of 'what best represents you as an artist?' Nathalie Calvin, Charlotte Freed, Diana Lynn Law, Timothy Leistner, Thomas Parker, Greg Pitts, Tony Rosca and Josie Vrooman will be featured at the exhibition.

Elements of Art @ Ornare
3930 NE 29th Street
Suites 102 and 103
Miami, FL 33137

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