Faktura Gallery. 1st Anniversary

April 22nd through May 14th, 2006Faktura Gallery presents its one-year anniversary show, All That Glitters. Painter Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston and photographer Angela Helen Roell create a body of work that explores the conceptual implications inherent in many forms of visual consumption, positioning their analysis as an anthropological study into the way visual experiences become commodities. After a year of being a gallery owner, Johnston’s interest in art versus media, the effects of context and art as a participant in a larger system of visual communication has spurred a theoretical exploration of the different ways the audience is trained to pay for visual experiences. Working together with Roell, the two artists present work that redirects the focus away from the standard points of view and methods of viewership usually presented in painting and photography. On the most basic level, the visual experience as commodity refers to a huge array of visual formats where money is being exchanged for a privileged point of view. Ranging from buying tickets to a museum to advertising to tipping a stripper, these visual experiences are being turned into a product for consumption. While the museum example is obvious, advertising is more complex in that there is a transaction for the ad production, the visual contextualization “space” and the consumption spurred by the visual experience. In this case, the visual experience actually makes the viewer a consumer. For more information, please call: 305.758.9005

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