Fernando Ramos Prida at Tresart Gallery

From Aug 12th through Sept 15th, 2006Tresart Gallery is opening a solo show by Mexican artist Fernando Ramos Prida – Life is a Dream, Death is Awakening. As maker of intuitive bas-reliefs that gather messages from Mexico’s ancient past, he confronts with open eyes the inevitable loss of innocence, and the ensuing forces that shape our lives, fear, angst, despair, sorrow, fervor, and death. His goal is overcoming the fear of death as the ultimate step toward freedom. Neither painting nor sculpture, but three-dimensional objects, his work brings the spectator closer to the subject in tactile ways. Ramos Prida’s visual education, as well as his ability to assimilate what he has seen, is as uncanny as the images themselves. One may detect as sources Mexican masks from the region of Guerrero, or pre-Hispanic objects, mainly images of Xipe Toltec, Colonial bultos of martyrs, and Mexican Modern painting. Tresart Gallery is located at The Octopus Building on 171 NW 36th Street in Miami, FL. For more information, please call: 305.573.9611

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