Filatim at Abba Fine Art

From Sep 13th through Oct 29th, 2008.  Abba Fine Art. Miami Art GalleriesAbba Fine Art introduces "Filatim", a group exhibition of contemporary Fiber Art artists to open on September 13th, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

Fiber is a style of art that utilizes materials derived from plants or animals – feathers, hair, wool, cotton and so forth. These elements are referred to as Fibrous, however some artists incorporate in their work non-fibrous components like plastic and wires that can be manipulated like threads. With the use of fiber and found items, and altering their original function, the artists create ravishing patterns and ornate textures through weaving, embroidery and other methods that are remarkable and gratifying to the eye.

With "Filatim", Abba Fine Art brings a wide selection of contemporary fiber artists to be featured in the exhibition, such as Pip Brandt, Natasha Duwin, Debra Holt, Kerry Phillips and Ja Young Yoon.

Abba Fine Art
233 NW 36th Street
Miami, FL  33127

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