Film Screening Outdoor at the Bass Museum

Russian Ark. January 11th, 2009. 6:30 p.m.  Bass Museum of Art. Miami MuseumsBring your beach chairs and picnic baskets and get ready to witness a visually hypnotizing cinematic feat. The Hermitage is seen in a new and revealing light in Russian Ark, a unique ninety-minute panorama of the most famous palace in Russia, now one of the great museums of the world. And more than a museum, in the popular imagination, the Hermitage is a living entity, a fabric that breathes Russian history and culture.

The film recreates, as precisely as possible, the historical events, which took place in and around the palace. Nowadays such an effect can be best achieved by employing all the scope and scale of a spectacular modern medium to convey the full sweep of history through a sequence of truly majestic rooms. In the words of the director, Alexander Sokurov: "We are creating a film about the Hermitage, for the Hermitage". It was shot in one day, with 4500 people.

Bass Museum of Art
2121 Park Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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