First Designer of the Future Award

From June 13th through June 16th, 2006Design Miami Basel will present its first annual Designer of the Future award to British design and manufacturing company Established & Sons. The team was chosen to inaugurate this award because their visionary approach has forged a new model for design companies of the 21st century. In recognition of their award, Established & Sons will present an installation of their furniture collection at Design Miami Basel, an exclusive invitational design event featuring 17 of the most important galleries exhibiting modern to contemporary museum-quality design today. The Designer of the Future award honors emerging designers who broaden our understanding of design. By innovating new forms, exploiting new technologies, inventing new object-types, advancing new design philosophies and developing new approaches to the creative process, the Designer of the Future enhances the culture of design. The Designer of the Future award, which complements the annual Design Miami Designer of the Year award inaugurated at Design Miami this past December, was selected by thirty influential museum directors, curators, journalists, designers, and high-profile dealers from the international design community. The award gives the recipient the unique opportunity to exhibit alongside the most reputable designers and design galleries in the world – giving them high visibility and immediate access to the most influential members of the international design community.

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