Flamenco in the Sun 2006 now in Miami

From Jul 29th through Aug 6th, 2006Flamenco in the Sun 2006 is a festival exclusively dedicated to this spanish music genre. This year the festival brings Florida audiences more events and courses than any prior edition. The Festival will open with 2005 National Dance Prize winner Israel Galván in Dos Hemanos. The dancer will alternates two completely different concepts of Flamenco dance. The Festival will also include a night of Café Cantante – now in its second year – and the premiere of Calle Flamenca, a collaboration between Bailes Ferrer and José Luis Rodríguez with choreography by Pastora Galván, Belén Maya, Omayra Amaya and Damaris Ferrer, and featured special guest artists Sudhi Rajagopal and Robert Boyd. Our week-long workshop series will be housed at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The program will include master classes by Israel Galván, José Luis Rodríguez, El Pecas, Sudhi Rajagopal and Robert Boyd, along with other guest maestros. Again this year the festival presents a week-long children’s program and adult Introduction to Flamenco workshop at the University Center for the Performing Arts. Fort Lauderdale Film Festival and Cinema Paradiso will be hosting two nights of screenings of films about Flamenco. Lastly, the Centro Cultural Español joins the Festival’s programming in Coral Gables with an exhibit of 95 photographs from Carlos Saura’s films related to Flamenco along with various screenings of his work. For more information, please visit: www.flamencointhesun.com

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