Flamenco La Rosa

Las Brujas de Salem From Apr 20th through 22nd, 2007As part of the Miami Beach Dance Festival, a very elaborate production arrives at The Jackie Gleason Theater named Las Brujas de Salem or The Witches of Salem, a Flamenco Ballet. Presented by Ballet Flamenco La Rosa, the production is inspired by Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible, about the witch hunts and trials in 17th Century Salem, Massachusetts. Led by legendary Gypsy flamenco dancer Manuel Santiago Maya, “Manolete”, Ilisa Rosal and Paola Escobar this classic play is transformed into a passionate, theatrical flamenco work at once sensual and spiritual. Under the artistic direction of Ballet Flamenco La Rosa founder Ilisa Rosal, this grand production includes the participation of 35 musicians and dancers from North and South America and Spain, including Flamenco singer Joni Cortes, Flamenco guitarist Basillio Garcia, Ballet Flamenco La Rosa singer/guitarist Paco Fonta and Flamenco singer Almudena in the role of Tituba. Musical collaboration will also include American Classical Guitarist Paul Martin, who will bring American and British music into the score to add to the period ambience. Additionally, Flamenco singers “El Sivi” and Jose Miguel Herrero will be featured in leading roles. For more information, please call: 305.899.7730

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