Fredric Snitzer Gallery. Michael Vasquez.

From Nov 3rd through 28th, 2009.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery presents Michael Vasquez in his second solo exhibition titled How the Land Lies. In his first solo exhibition, Family Jewels, Vasquez presented a personal portrait of himself in a single parent upbringing, complimented by the adoption of friends and social personalities that seemed to replace a missing father figure.

How the Land Lies illustrates a geographical portrait of suburban locations and symbolic traits carried by members of a neighborhood gang.  An earned and received red bandana in The Acceptance is weighted with the ideology of membership and loyalty. Michael Vasquez reflects on what it means to be connected to an organization that survives on taking pride in being territorial, controlling and intimidating. How to Stand for Something and The Fence Line accentuate personal and territorial delimitations with a signature stance and graffiti marks. How the Land Lies describes the influences of locality in a social setting; and the inherited recognition of a belief system.

Michael Vasquez was born in 1983 in St. Petersburg FL. His work has been exhibited at The Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, FL, Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile, AL, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, Kansas City, MO and Locust Projects, Miami, FL. Vasquez currently lives and works in Miami, FL.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery
2247 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

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