Fredric Snitzer Gallery presents Sunny Suits' Regular Lovers

From Sept 9 through Oct 3, 2011.

Sunny Suits’ solo exhibition is titled Regular Lovers, borrowing its name from a Philippe Garrel film. Like Garrel, Suits works from her own life and relationships, giving us starkly honest insights into her private world through the portrayal of friends and lovers.

The photographs individually offer us glimpses of respective figures in Suits’ life. As with the work of Garrel, Cassavetes, or even Fassbinder the same characters reoccur throughout her work. Whilst her photographs speak in conjunction with social realism through their honest presentations, perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the collection is how Suits herself manages to authentically capture this aesthetic. These are not candid photos, yet they betray the same intimacy as if they were impromptu. Even when the subjects look into the camera itself, it seems it is Suits they see rather than a lens; it is she they continually respond to rather than the camera.

Accompanied by contextualizing still lives, the sense of Suits’ consistent presence in each situation, in each photograph, lends an intimacy beyond the relationships displayed between couples; their setting, either indoors or in darkness, further privatizes the situation. It is, in fact, Suits’ own engagement with her friends and lovers and her comprehension of the dynamics of the lovers she photographs that gives the exhibition it’s true narrative. The photographs present viewers with a narrative of unusually honest self-reflection through the engagement of others.

A soundtrack of music selected by Suits especially for Regular Lovers will play throughout the exhibition at Fredric Snitzer Gallery.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery
2247 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

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