Fredric Snitzer Gallery presents Things Beyond Our Control

Opening reception: July 14, 2012. 7:00 p.m.
Through August 13, 2012.

Image caption: Bert Rodriguez, 5 stages, 2005, C-print, 20Things Beyond Our Control is a group exhibition curated by Andrew Reed featuring the work of 18 artists that seeks to address questions of agency, structure and the ability of art, specifically pictorial art, to come into contact with the conditions of its own production. The “beyond” has been, at different moments, a Platonic Ideal, a hallucinatory dreamworld, a utopian vision. But in this specific historical moment, the works in the show raise a slightly darker prospect – that what is beyond our control is specifically our ability to imagine, in a compelling way, any sort of “beyond” at all.

The artworks on display, are things – a term chosen to site the works in the realm of social relations rather than idealist speculation – whose purposiveness has run wild. The loss of a “beyond” forecloses on the spatial and temporal possibility of anything other than “now” and aligns processes of meaning production with an austere perspective – one whose reproducibility is its own raison d’être and main criteria for judgment.

The exhibition features works by Dan Attoe, Hernan Bas, Naomi Fisher, Keith Haring, Rashid Johnson, Anton Kannemeyer, Marilyn Minter, Jonathan Meese, Richard Mosse, Man Ray, Lucas Samaras, Malick Sidibe, David Shrigley, Hank Willis Thomas, Michael Vasquez, Carlos Vega, Kara Walker, and Chen Wei. Andrew Reed (born 1995) is a curator and collector who lives and works in Miami, FL.

Fredric Snitzer Gallery
2247 NW 1st Place
Miami, FL 33127

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