Galeria Del Sol

In Search of Lost Time. Ongoing.  Galeria Del Sol. Miami Art GalleriesGaleria del Sol is currently presenting a solo exhibition by Mexican artist Josafat Miranda titled "In Search of Lost Time" featuring works made in a variety of medias such as fabric, wood and paper. The collection is made up of studies made in 2008 on a subject that the Artist Josafat Miranda has been working on since 2004, making several samples of its evolution in Mexico City, New York, Miami, Bogota and Costa Rica.

According to Miranda, "In the reflection of Jean Baudrillard in the perfect crime, I present in this sample of my current work, some of the devices that the man imagines, independently of its impact and functionality, what I attempt is to explore as a manner of research different hybrids that the human being dream or visualize in its eagerness to simplify its daily life and to obtain greater comfort. It does not matter if many of the imagined devices end up complicating our existence, as many discoveries operate by trial and error or as a mere of visual esthetics".
Galeria del Sol
1628 Michigan Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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