Galleria Ca’ d’ Oro presents Original Sin by Camilla Ancilotto

Sept 15 through Oct 2011.

Committed to bringing Italian art to the U.S., Galleria Ca’ d’ Oro will highlight Camilla Ancilotto’s Original Sin sculpture and other art works this September.

Ancilotto has skillfully united traditional pictorial techniques with interactive elements found in a certain type of contemporary art. Using lively and playful images and colors, she invites the viewer to participate both physically and thoughtfully while viewing her work.

Mounted on a steel frame, hand crafted parallelepipeds and prisms are finished with a stucco surface to which the pigments of oil paint can adhere. Each element rotates to interweave images and shapes gathered from the illustrious repertoire of Italian art history. Emerging in an exultation of color, the reinterpretation of Michelangelo’s Last Judgment comes forth, or a detail from the Sistine Chapel, or a masterpiece by Bronzino or Tiziano; each piece revealing Camilla’s distinct and masterful talent and full command of classic artistic technique. Contemporary icons are also present and never overlooked: some pieces feature President Barack Obama or a reference to James Cameron’s Avatar.

The spectator plays an essential role in releasing the aesthetic phenomenon as he or she actively collaborates in the creation of the image by rotating the parallelepipeds. In the continuing metamorphoses of images, from man to woman to animal and even plant, we can intuit a reference to the timeless struggle between man and nature. In the end, it is the viewer who decides if the human or natural element prevails in the composition, or if an agreement will finally be reached between them in a cosmic fusion of a primary oneness.

Camilla teaches us that reality is not absolute but rather is constantly changing. The foundation upon which we have built our assumptions crumbles and we witness new scenes that inspire reflection giving us the possibility to observe the world from new perspectives. Each of Camilla Ancilotto’s masterpieces is many works in one, a dialogue open to imagination and wonder. Guests will enjoy Camilla’s sculptures and interactivity at Galleria Ca’ d’ Oro’s opening night reception.

Galleria Ca’d’ Oro
135 S. Lorenzo Ave., Suite 130
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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