Gallery Diet. Kristopher Benedict: Into the Mountains

From Sept 11th through Oct 2nd, 2010.

altIn his work, Benedict has posited the idea of the painter as a kind of archetypical recluse, intending the paintings to bear out the contradictory relationship of the solitary hermetic artist verses the artist’s need for social intercourse and connection with the community. Much of Benedict’s work can be seen as an exploration of the act of representation, as the paintings fluidly range from figuration to abstraction with many stops in between.

Particular to Into the Mountains is a take on abstraction’s often-stated connection to music. Sighting works from Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie” to Albert Oehlen’s “Mel” and “Vins”, Benedict plays with painting’s potential for synesthesia and the intersection of sound, color and form. The paintings in this exhibition present a complex relationship between what is represented in the paintings and how they are being represented, between the image and the materiality.    

Kristopher exhibited at Diet in a two person exhibition alongside Peter LaBier in 2009, he graduated from Columbia University’s MFA program in 2002 and has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions including After Matisse/Picasso at P.S.1/MOMA Contemporary Art Center, New York and Audacity in Art at the Orlando Museum of Art, Florida where his works are included in the permanent collection.

Gallery Diet
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