Gallery Diet: New Space in Wynwood

By Dinorah Perez Rementeria


Located at 174 NW 23rd Street in the Wynwood Art District, a new space has opened up to the public: Gallery Diet. “People seem more desensitized lately than they used to be,” says director Nina Johnson, “so there might be an urgency to create a fresh kind of diet that makes them appreciate art again”. Gallery Diet is part of a building owned by the real estate mogul and art collector Tony Goldman, who is known as well for his significant support to the intense transformations that have been operated in Wynwood. Tony Goldman also donated the Goldman Warehouse – a 12,000 square feet space located at 404 NW 26th Street – to MoCA in December 2005.

The gallery arrives during an effervescent art season with the 6th edition of Art Basel Miami Beach and a renovated Art Miami in December. Intimate and moderate, the space will present the work of six emerging and mid-career artists, paying particular attention to performance art and installation. The purpose is to move away from the greediness for emphasizing “the visual images” and offer more intriguing experiences that would help to measure the spectators’ receptive capacity. Artists Brian Burkhardt and Andrew Mowbray (Boston), Richard Höglund (Paris), Abby Manock (New York), Maria Jose Arjona and Daniel Milewski (Miami) will be inaugurating the space on November 10th, 2007.

“Particulars” constitutes the first group show that will take place inside the 2,300 square feet location. The gallery will be divided into six parts to differentiate the artists’ individual environments. “There is not a visible connection between their bodies of work. Therefore, each of them will face his audience at a specific moment, without disturbing the others or being disturbed,” says Nina Johnson.

Born in Miami, the young art dealer studied at the University of Miami and received her BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tuft University in Boston, Massachusetts.

She returned home after graduating and worked as assistant director at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, collaborating with the selection of new artists who would join the gallery. According to what she thinks, “There must always be a special relationship between artists and the person who represents them in the art world because one is dealing with the artists’ most personal ideas.”


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