Gary Nader presents Osmosis

Soraya Abu Naba’a. From Oct 10th through Nov 15th, 2009.

Gary Nader celebrates the Hispanic Heritage Month with the opening of the exhibition Osmosis, recent works from young Dominican-American artist Soraya Abu Naba’a.

This is Soraya Abu Naba’a first solo show in the United States and represents her artistic-aesthetical approach and reaction to her academic education, translated into paintings and drawings, through an absolute freedom of expression, and a unique and innovative perception of her surroundings.

The title of the show itself “Osmosis” operated as a reference to a very particular phenomenon linked to biological systems, water, cell membranes, pressure, equilibrium, movements, and energy. All these elements translated to the paintings and drawings create some sort of imaginative micro- cosmogony where minuscule creatures tell us chronicles about life and the relationship among the different artistic, scientific and technological disciplines.

The abstract world that Soraya’s work portrays exists beyond the viewers’ perception, visible to the human eye through a microscopic lens. Her artistic perspective and sensitivity allows viewers to immerse themselves into a contemplation and discovery of concepts and vital forces, a path of stability and actions, an ever-changing backdrop of gravitating spread lines, brushstrokes and geometrical forms. Soraya’s artworks are not limited to what they represent; they also bring other ingredients into play: structures, boundaries, spaces, memories and interactivity.

Gary Nader Fine Art
62 NE 27th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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