Imminent Demise

Maze: An Installation by Skip Van Cel. April 2008.

Skip Van Cel. Miami Artists
Artist Skip Van Cel’s installation work, Maze, will most likely be destroyed within the next 30 days, viewers are encouraged to go see the work and produce their own documentation.

This work was not meant to be lasting,” Van Cel explains in an email sent out this week. “When the work was installed, I knew it would be a limited engagement as there were plans afoot to develop the surrounding area. Actually the destruction of the work is in line with my original intent and carries the concept to it’s ultimate end; only a memory will exist.” The work was never well publicized, as Van Cel wanted Maze to be a discovery.

The maze the artist refers to in the title of the work is the entire grid of city streets. The only way people knew about it was if Van Cel gave them the address, by which they had to navigate city streets to view the work. Or Van Cel’s favorite method, accidental discovery. “A few times I was there when people would come upon the work by happenstance. It was wonderful to see their reaction, here in the middle of this desolate urban environment was an absurd chain link fence with absolutely no value beyond it’s physicality on the mind. For a short while it became a drinking spot for a few young art lovers, but they moved on. I believe they turned 21 and shifted their interest to Circa 28.”

The fact that it sits at the convergence of three dead-end streets that are better known for ditching and torching stolen cars than as an art destination, coupled with packs of wild dogs roaming about served to deter even the most adventurous art lovers. “I like to challenge the traditional white cube gallery environment.” Van Cel explained.

There is no firm date for the demolition, but if you want to try to catch it before it is gone, plug 290 NW 72 Terrace, 33150 into your GPS and see if you can decipher the Maze that is the city of Miami.

Traveler’s Advisory: Whenever traveling in an unfamiliar area, it is advisable to be cognizant and aware of your surroundings. Take note of suspicious individuals and their behavior. Be sure to keep all valuables locked and out of sight. If possible keep a cellular phone with you for emergency contact.

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