Jayell Enterprises is looking for talent,

Call for ArtistsJayell Enterprises (Matinee Theatre/Theatre a la Carte/Pocket Musicals), a touring company, is looking for talent, all kinds. all ages to build our files for future productions. Currently casting: Visiting Mr. Green: Young man, late 20’s early 30’s for social worker. Barrymore: male or female 50’s, for the character of the prompter. The Sunshine Boys: Men for second lead, young man for the nephew, sexy girl for the nurse in the sketch. Viagra Vanities: Senior singer/dancers, 55+ for fast-paced revue. Also need individual singers, comics, novelties for individual condo acts. Please call Jerry at 954-721-1687 or e-mail info and photos to jervest@bellsouth.net

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