Jen Stark. Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art

From Mar 14th through Apr 12th, 2008.  Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art. Miami ArtCarol Jazzar Contemporary Art presents Place in Space, an exhibition of sculptural installation, drawing and animation by Miami based artist Jen Stark. This will be Stark’s first solo show with the gallery for which the works will be specifically realized.

A testament to process and patience, her sculptures are remarkably simple and ultimately irresistible. Using only paper, an X-acto knife, and glue, Stark succeeds in creating intricate and intelligent sculptures that reveal to us how a material like paper can become. They exemplify the contrast between exterior and interior and in-between the voids of white and intoxicating myriads of vivid color, often arranged in geometrically mesmerizing configurations, we find a little magic about the world.
This series of work is inspired by the unseen potential of common things. Here Stark deals with the transformation of simple objects, imbuing them with a dimension and meaning hither-to unattained. “The forms and concepts are inspired by the mysteries that lay at the bottom of the ocean and at the edges of the universe. The results resound with ideas of replication and infinity – echoing patterns and intelligent designs found in nature.”
For more information, please call: 305 490 6906

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