John Cage: A Centennial Celebration

From September 5 through 8, 2012.

SFCA (, in collaboration with FETA Foundation, ArtCenter/South Florida, PAX and Miami-Dade Public Library Main Branch, presents a very special party to celebrate the 100th birthday of composer, music theorist, writer, and artist John Cage.

Centennial Birthday Party!
September 5, 2012. 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.

Audiotheque | 924 Lincoln Road | Studio 201 | Miami Beach
On September 5, 2012 we celebrate the 100 years since the birth of America’s favorite experimental composer, the ever-smiling John Cage. For the occasion isaw+subtropics is throwing a party to celebrate it and to kick start a weekend of concerts, exhibitions and other free events honoring his legacy. This “happening” party will feature acoustic offerings by Armando Rodriguez, who will be sharing Irish songs on the Galician bagpipes; and the accordion playing of Pip Brant. Electronic offerings will include the amusing Jasmine Kastel and her radio bra, as well as the presentation of FLEA, the laptop orchestra directed by Jacob Sudol. In addition, there will be projections of Cage in Miami footage from SFCA [isaw+subtropics]‘s archive, four simultaneous Musicircus DJs, and more. The evening will include the baking of an indeterminate birthday cake, goody bags and other pleasant surprises.

Sounding Through Empty Words
September 5, 2012. 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.

Listening Gallery | 800 Lincoln Road, under the awnings | Miami Beach
The Listening Gallery is pleased to present this public art installation version of Empty Words IV based on John Cage’s own performance of the piece during the 1991 Subtropics Music Festival in Miami, adapted for the Listening Gallery by Gustavo Matamoros. The installation opens on September 5th and can be experienced daily and around the clock. Simply walk under the awnings of ArtCenter | South Florida’s 800-810 buildings, at the corner of Lincoln Road and Meridian through October 2012. For more information and updates visit:

Water Walk (Installation Version)
September 5, 2012. 7:00 – 11:00 p.m.

Art Center Vitrine | 924 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach
An installation version of Water Walk as performed by Cage in 1960 as a contestant in the television show “I’ve Got A Secret.” The vitrine will become a timeline with the score of the piece distributed along the wall. The installation will consist of objects in the video laid out in space to correspond with each event in the score. A monitor will be used to play the actual TV show appearance for visitors to enjoy courtesy of the John Cage Trust. This installation is organized in collaboration with the staff and artists at ArtCenter/South Florida.

American Experimentalists: Margaret Lancaster, Flutes and Electronics
September 6, 2012. 9:00 p.m.

Audiotheque | 924 Lincoln Road | Studio 201 | Miami Beach
Thursday night American Experimentalists concert features the renowned avant-garde flutist Margaret Lancaster, presenting a concert of works for flutes and electronics at Audioteque on Miami Beach. The curatorial focus lies in showcasing the American composers James Tenney, Larry Polansky, Kathryn Alexander, Eve Beglarian, Eric Lyon, Cornelius Dufallo, and Paula Matthusen who have carried on the experimental legacy of John Cage. Representing multiple generations of composers, the program tickles the curiosity of compelling singular voices, each (much like Cage) marching to the beat of their own drummer

On Silence: Hommage to Cage by Juraj Kojs
September 7, 2012. 9:00 p.m.

PAX | 337 SW 8 Street | Miami
Friday event presents the program On Silence: Homage to Cage at PAX located in downtown Miami. The project (conceived and performed by Juraj Kojs) consists of 13 new commissioned compositions, each 4 minutes and 33 seconds long. The duration references Cage’s famous 1952 opus with the title 4’33”, which was premiered by David Tudor sitting at the instrument for the assigned time, occasionally turning score pages and performing nothing. Thirteen young and up-and-coming composers from the US, Europe, South America and Japan (Christopher Cerrone, Natacha Diels, Kasia Glowicka, Andrew Greenwald, Adrian Knight, Juraj Kojs, Jessie Marino, Paula Matthusen, Chikashi Miyama, Spencer Topel, Chester Udell, Jorge Variego and Henry Vega) were invited to reflect on what John Cage means in their creative life. They were asked to compose a work with duration of 4 minutes and 33 seconds, drawing sources from grand piano, software and hardware technologies, everyday objects and musical toys.

Colors: Marta Brankovic, Piano
September 8, 2012. 3:00 p.m.

Miami Dade Public Library | 101 West Flagler Street | Miami
Saturday afternoon brings Marta Brankovic, the rising Miami-based Serbian pianist in a presentation of Colors, a solo piano concert. The programmed works are connected by their internal commitment to explore musical colors. Brankovic uniquely connects the fragments in Jason Freeman’s Etudes. Overtones positioned sparsely on the border of sound and silence dominate the sonic world of Orlando Jacinto Garcia’s Resonancia and Oscurecimiento Gradual. Etudes by Kevin W. Davis propose extreme physicality as a vehicle to original timbres. The program is enveloped by two delicate John Cage jewels “Dream” and “Primitive”, in which (yes!) the piano is lightly prepared with an assortment of metal bolts.

Cage: Music & Words by Margaret Lancaster
September 8, 2012. 9:00 p.m.

Audiotheque | 924 Lincoln Road | Studio 201 | Miami Beach
The final festival concert Music and Words occurs back at Audioteque later on Saturday, September 8, featuring the acoustic music and writing of John Cage and electronic processing. Margaret Lancaster, Juraj Kojs and Gustavo Matamoros engage the audiences in a concoction of Cage’s eloquent musical and verbal utterances, dissolving the centennial celebration into silence.


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