Kelley Roy Gallery. Dolly Moreno's Dynamic Instability

Nov 11th through Nov 30th, 2010.

altKelley Roy Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition by sculptor Dolly Moreno, first prizewinner at the 2006 Paris Louvre’s Société Nationale des Beaux Arts exhibition. Her car-sized sculpture, “Point of Rupture” was on display at the Louvre’s Pei designed pyramid entrance. While Dolly has been recognized for her monumental works in prominent museums and galleries throughout seven different countries, she has been absent from the American art scene for a number of years. Kelley Roy is delighted to present her return featuring new pieces comparable in concept, if not size, to “Point of Rupture.” An opening preview on November 11th from 6-9p.m. and an opening exhibition on November 13th. Moreno’s works will also be featured by the Kelley Roy Gallery in two other exhibits: at the Miami International Art Fair, January 14th through 17th, Booth 215 in the Miami Beach Convention Center; and at Art Palm Beach, January 20th through 24th, Booth 615 in the Palm Beach Convention Center.

Moreno introduces colors over stainless steel, presenting clean volumes and geometric poetry. The starkness of the stainless steel is overwhelmed by the brightness of her multicolors. Moreno’s pieces may seem on the verge of breaking, yet these large, strong and impervious structures will outlive us all. Sleek, and possibly unlike any other recognizable work, Moreno’s sculptures invite participation. “ Please touch, feel and touch again. An artist’s basic desire is to communicate. Through my participation sculptures I propose that the sculpture, the spectator and I come together, even if for a few moments. It is a circle, which completes itself. These few minutes of interaction are repeatedly mine,” she says.

Moreno began her career with techniques predominantly used by men and applied on one of the hardest materials to weld–stainless steel. To construct her work, she uses machines more frequently found in automobile factories. She cuts with a guillotine and welds at dangerously high temperatures. Moreno says, “It’s always a duel between the stainless steel and me. Sometimes the steel wins, sometimes I do. And when I do, a sculpture begins to take form.”

Moreno has had a wide range of prominent exhibitions throughout her career including The Museum of Modern Art, São Paulo; the Maracana Exposition, Rio de Janeiro; Ridies Gallery, Dusseldorf; Galeria Jean Claude Bellier, Paris; and the 2005 Florence Art Biennale at which she won third prize; as well as exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Born in Egypt, she moved to Europe, then the United States. Then, with their three daughters, Dolly and her husband moved to São Paulo, Brazil where she currently resides and has her studio.

Kelley Roy Gallery
50 NE 29th Street
Wynwood Arts District. Miami, FL, 33137

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