Lelia Mordoch Galerie presents Daniel Fiorda

From Apr 9 through May 7, 2011.

Lelia Mordoch Galerie presents “Nostalgic Hardware,” an exhibit of works by artist Daniel Fiorda. The body of work presented spans a decade of creative work and a variety of media: sculptures, paintings, found objects, experimental pieces and work in progress.

The selected works reveal the artists lasting relationship with found objects, a relationship marked by nostalgia, reverence, and discovery. In his sculpture series “Metamorphosis” metal objects come together as debris of a bygone area, attracted as if under a crushing magnetic force. By accumulation, these sci-fi clusters attain an almost organic quality, with skins partially concealing the inner workings of the structures.

More recent works exhibit a meticulous craft of selection and editing. Objects break free from clusters and achieve their own mordant significance: typewriters and adding machines appear suspended over a black glossy backdrop, as relics from pre-digital times. These quasi-ready-mades undergo a final treatment, a bold splash of color that turns these vintage mechanical souvenirs into pure ideas. And, as a reminder of the ephemeral life of our objects, Fiorda presents us with a series of faux-archeological objects. As a cell- phone chargers and electronic parts – along with other contemporary hardware – are unearthed from the rock, the artist tells us about the instant fossilization of our icons, the frantic speed with which our things, ideas, and hypes vanish into obsolescence.

Daniel Fiorda was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is self-taught and has exhibited widely throughout the US including the OK Harris Gallery, Allan Stone Gallery in New York as well as the Heriard-Cimino Gallery in New Orleans and Lelia Mordoch Gallery, Paris France.

Daniel was one of the winners in the 7th Annual Sculptures Competition (2003) held at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas. Selected on the inaugural 2006 Palm Beach International Sculpture Biennale, and exhibited for a 3rd time in Sculpture Key West. He is an alumni Artist of ArtCenter/South Florida.

Two Pieces from his “Convertible Couch projects” were selected by Art in Public Places in Orlando (2002/03) and was on display for one year in the entrance to the Orlando Science center. The Higland Museum of Art in Sebring FL, has acquired for their permanent collection the “Red Hunter”, one of the heavy toys – series 2008 – sculpture, which has been installed in front of the Museum’s Garden.

The MoLAA, Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles, has incorporated one of Fiorda’s “Square series 2008” in their permanent collection, and was the recipient of “Auction 08: Contemporary Honorary Award.”

Lelia Mordoch Galerie
2300 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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