Leslie Gabaldón’s Ink on Roses at Dot Fiftyone Gallery

Trough April 20, 2012.

altPhotography allows us distance between our existence and the subject of the image in front of us. It can cause us pain, indifference, or please our eyes; there is an intriguing relationship between ourselves, as moving beings, and the still expression of the image. Gabaldón’s purpose is to give the audience a chance to confront their own intimacies through her work.

Gabaldón has titled her new body of work “Ink on Roses”, and challenges you to seek yourself in these oversized prints of language interleaved within the finest of mediums – rose petals intervened by fragments of poems or mathematic formulas, handwritten in ink by her.

With a mission to manifest her interpretation of women, love, passion and the adversities of human relationships, her use of the written word as a visual expression inspires a change of preconceived paradigms on the meaning of Art; unsaid words, letters that were never opened, and reading between the lines are unveiled in Ink on Roses.

Leslie Gabaldón (B. 1964) is a Venezuelan-American artist who works in Miami, FL. She attended The New England School of Art & Design in Boston and The Art Students League of NY. Since 1988, she has focused her attention on new media, being among the first artists in USA to experiment with computer-generated work.

Her ideas stem from concepts of sociological memory, and especially from the female identity in our contemporary world. Her passion for words as not only a means to communicate ideas but also as aesthetic elements is evident throughout her body of work; she exquisitely blends image and text to produce visual poetry.

In 2007 she was awarded the Altos de Chavon (sister school of Parsons School of Design) Artist in Residency; a three-month program in the Dominican Republic. She has shown her work in New York, Miami, Colombia, Argentina, the Dominican Republic and Shanghai. In 2011, Gabaldón was included in the “Florida Contemporary” annual exhibition at the Naples Museum of Art in Florida.

“Ink on Roses” is her fourth solo show in Miami. The body of work included in this exhibition has been developed over the last two years and has been extremely well received at international art fairs like ArteBa (Buenos Aires), Artbo (Bogota) and Art Miami for 2 consecutive seasons and most recently in the first installment of Art Wynwood. In this year’s Arteamericas 2012, Gabaldón participated in Photoamericas, a special section dedicated to photography.

Fragments of poems interleaved with the photographic abstraction of fresh and aged roses, suggesting the passage of time invite the audience to interpret the reminiscent message proposed by the image. Gabaldón offers her sociological perspectives on love, passion, and the adversities of human relationships – once again, a “Visual Register of Unavoidable Thoughts”.

Dot Fiftyone Gallery
51 NW 36 Street
Miami, FL, 33127

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