Light of Creativity opens in Miami Beach

Apr 2011.

altPaolo Schellino, Founder and CEO of Light of Creativity opened its doors to his new workshop located in South Miami Beach at 124 11th Street, near the former Versace Mansion (between Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue). Light of Creativity Inc. promotes creative people with unique talents. It is more than just a new exhibition space set in virtually uncharted territory; it’s a revolutionary concept wherein art enthusiasts are encouraged to focus on the creative people behind the pieces.

To keep the workshop evolutionary, new talent will be brought in at least every six months to create and install new displays, while the creators periodically interact with clients. These artists will work in various mediums, including music, film, furniture and even textiles.

Italian Artist Luigi Stoisa is the first artist that Light of Creativity Inc. will host. He hails from Giaveno, in the Provence of Torino, and is most recognized for his style of painting with tar. This will be Stoisa’s first solo exhibition in the United States. Before showcasing his work on opening night, Stoisa will spend a week covering the walls in his art, allowing guests who attend the private preview to experience an intimate view of the artist creative process. Schellino’s philosophy is, the closer you bring audiences into the world of the artist, the closer they feel to the artist’s works.

“Everything started with an idea to put focus on people who dedicate their life to creativity,” explains Paolo Schellino. “I want to bring people close to the amazing talents behind the creations.”

The ground floor of the three-story structure will be open to guests, while the top two floors will serve as residence for the Schellino family. The building is rumored to have formerly housed the son of Julia Tuttle, otherwise known as the Mother of Miami. Light of Creativity will be open daily and by appointment.

Light of Creativity
124, 11th Street
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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