Linda Copeland Studio / Gallery

Artist in Residency. Ongoing.  Linda Copeland Studio / Gallery. Miami ArtistsLinda Copeland Studio / Gallery, located in Wynwood Art District, is a space solely dedicated to showcase the work of its owner  / artist in residency Linda Copeland.

Copeland’s art is all about expressing energy. Her paintings lack familiar objects and as a result she invites the viewer to feel the painting emotionally. Rather than trying to interpret the painting, she would like the viewer to simply enjoy the experience, feel the energy and see the beauty.

Her process is very physical and it is this form of both bodily and emotional intensity that inspires her. She believes that in our daily life we personally interpret what we see to define the experience we have. Each of us can look at the same object and see something different based on our level of consciousness.

All the art you will view in her gallery studio has the impression of spontaneity. In the first room, you’ll find paintings that use an “all over” technique – there is no definable composition. In the other room is a brand new series called Moondust.

Linda Copeland Studio / Gallery
2303 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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