Local artist Anica Shpilberg exhibits at the World Tour Exhibition of Contemporary Art

From Aug 3 through Sept 4, 2011.

Local artist Anica Shpilberg exhibits at the World Tour Exhibition of Contemporary ArtThe first show of the World Tour Exhibition of Contemporary Art, WTECA a unique international traveling concept created by Nina Torres, Executive Director and Curator of her eponymous gallery, will take place in London at The Gallery in Redchurch Street from August 3 to September 4, 2011.

This exhibition promises an intriguing sample of the art being produced in 24 countries and will be exposed to audiences in Dubai, Mexico, Madrid and Berlin where the WTECA will continue to tour in 2012 and 2013. “Today, the world has witnessed a progressive intellectual and creative evolution of its contemporary art. A myriad of painters, print-makers, sculptors, digital artists and photographers represent a new and ever-growing modern art scene that demands exposure around the world. In acknowledgement of the selected artist’s achievements, this project contributes to revealing the best of their artwork while also unveiling it to a wider international audience,”- said Nina Torres, Director and Chief Curator.

Anica Shpilberg, born in Lima, Peru and based in Miami will have the opportunity to participate in this Contemporary Art World Tour. According to the artist, her work is about identity and perception but at the same time it is about color, form and space. Textures are used as tools. That the thought process is similar to my life experience with bits and pieces of information, that it all becomes part of my narrative. I do not want my work to be easy to read, it needs to be discovered little by little, there are many symbols that hide among the layers and you can find them in all of my paintings, they all have a common thread, one that I will not reveal.

Anica Shpilberg. Museum Ghosts. 2011. Mixed media on canvas .47“Museum Ghost” is about the life of the many artists that form the collections of the many museums around the world, and what it would be like if they could all share their experiences with us, what could we learn that is not in the book, and how would they get along among themselves.

“Though my work I seek to bring awareness of the social and cultures realities that are patent in our world today. The starting points are the photographs that I take images of people and places that hope to capture their spirit, their beat, their struggle, and the feel of it all. I photograph them aiming to capture the reality and uniqueness of their lives and their environment. The photographs are then printed on canvas, allowing me to add perceptions at the scene, the uniqueness, emotions and contradictions that I felt, thus conveying the fullness of the intended message. Underlying this work, are the unexpected joys that arise from transformations: extracting and magnifying uniqueness while creating something altogether new.”


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