Locust Projects. December, December

December, 2006During this year’s Art Basel Miami Locust Projects announces a new façade at its location in Wynwood Art District as well as an animatronic installation at the Scope Fair. An image of a giant beer bottle by Milwaukee-based artist Pentti Monkkonen will be appearing on the front wall of Locust Projects shortly. This will be unveiled in conjunction with Locust Projects December 9th opening featuring New York-based artists Scott Hug, Jesse Bercowetz and Matt Bua as part of the “Art Loves Design” evening. Locust is also collaborating with Tampa group Flight 19 and Negativland to bring down an animatronic Abe Lincoln to be displayed at their booth during this years Scope fair. The installation is entitled Rightmanland. Pentti Monkkonen is a Milwaukee-based artist renowned for his off-beat and humorous interventions. The Locust Projects façade will soon be unveiled to bare an image of a beer bottle bearing the label Monkkonen Ideas. Monkkonen takes an ordinary everyday object and subverts its meaning by taking ownership of the object and creating a brand of his own. This replaces Matthew Brannon’s signature “knife” image, which began the project in 2005. This mural project will be ongoing, and Locust plans to feature artwork by a new artist on its building front every six months. For more information, please call: 305.576.8570

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