Lualdi Porte opens in Coral Gables.

Lualdi Porte, the Italian company that has elevated the door to a work of art, announces the opening of its first exclusive showroom in the U.S. The new showroom is located at 209 Altara Avenue in Coral Gables, a center for design in Miami. Designed by celebrated Milan architect Emanuela Frattini Magnusson, the expansive 4,000 sq. ft. space conveys the look and feel of a high-end art gallery. Each Lualdi door is showcased on a specially fabricated wood and cement partition shipped directly from Milan and designed so as not to detract from the beauty of the door itself. Chosen by the world’s top architects for their simplicity of design and inimitable standard of high-quality construction, Lualdi doors are in a class of their own. “Thirty years ago, our company was the first to introduce industrial design to the manufacturing of doors, and it forever changed the industry,” said Alberto Lualdi, president of Lualdi Porte. “Our innovation of using high-gloss polyester lacquer on our doors became the Lualdi trademark,” he said. Lualdi’s twelve product lines include the revolutionary Rasomuro door, the Outline, the Esse, and the Ala, all available in varying finishes, among them lacquer, matte lacquer, and veneer. Lualdi’s top-selling door, the minimalist Rasomuro, appears to blend seamlessly into the wall, creating the illusion of a hidden door. Architect Norman Foster recently used 2,000 Rasomuro doors for the Albion Wharf building in London, while world-renowned Italian designer Antonio Citterio placed Rasomuro doors in Milan’s Bulgari Hotel. Representing a new concept in doors, the Outline is a simple panel with a concealed casing and frame, giving the impression that it is emerging directly from the wall itself. The wave-like Esse door, designed by Tel Aviv-based architect Eri Goshen, undulates and curves gracefully, while the Ala, with precise, horizontal lines of stainless steel inlay has a thick, recessed casing that casts a shadow on the wall, allowing the door to become part of the total environment. Also on view is Lualdi’s exclusive series of brass handles, with a choice of finish ranging from clear brass to chrome, designed for complete stylistic and ergonomic integration with the latest collection of Lualdi’s exceptional doors. Lualdi Porte chose Miami as the location for its first U.S. showroom because of the city’s reputation as an epicenter for design in the U.S., as well as its high volume of construction.

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