Luis Perez Galeria

Tata Navia. From Sept 12th through Oct 31st, 2009.

Luis Perez Galeria from Colombia is currently presenting the first irst exhibit in Miami by the Colombian-born artist, Tata Navia at The Awarehouse located in Miami’s Wynwood Art District.

The works of Tata Navia, most of which have been exhibited in the new millennium, focuses on space and simple objects, which she builds upon to create a particular language.  She prefers to employ the use of traditional media, oil on canvas, to support and showcase her work.

Stretchers, linen canvases and pigments that are managed with pulchritude, are all used to create a convincing atmosphere within a scenic space. Her ingredients preserve tradition, while the sense of space and the way in which she manipulates simple objects by intentionally placing them in different formats, evoke questions about the meaning of the immediate moment.

Ten untitled pieces of her most acclaimed work are be part of a free exhibition by curator Luis Perez at Luis Perez Galeria inside The Awarehouse, Miami’s newest independent event and gallery space and cultural hub for music, art and fashion.

Luis Perez Galeria at the Awarehouse
550 NW 29th Street
Miami, FL 33127

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