Lynne Golob Gelfman at Carol Jazzar

From Feb 19th through Mar 14th, 2010.

Taking inspiration from chain link fences, this new body of work by one of Miami’s seminal abstract painters employs layering to startling effect. Gelfman’s solo show, between, draws on her more than 30 years of exploring depth in painting. .

The ghost-like patterns found in the work evoke a multitude of subjects from X-rays to ripples. Like landscapes, Gelfman’s paintings are constructed in layers. They communicate depth and push beyond their dimensions enveloping the viewer in spatial illusions. These plumbable dimensions cause the eye to move back and forth within the work, uncertain of how to read what it is experiencing.

These paintings, each of which explores boundaries in varying degrees of abstraction, prompt questions on matters of accessibility. Fleeting and permanent, vaporous and solid, the presence of the fences depicted ranges in opacity and prominence from important to insubstantial.

Gelfman’s paintings offer visual experiences that, depending on the viewer, could manifest in feeling claustrophobic or shut out. The viewer is enthralled, an experience akin to being at once submerged underwater beneath a tangled bed of weeds and emerging from murky fathoms to the glassy surface of an autumn river.

Lynne Golob Gelfman graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, NY and earned an MFA at the School of the Arts, Columbia University, NY. Gelfman has exhibited with galleries here and abroad and in several museums, including Miami Art Museum, Miami, Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami, and The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C. Her work is in the collections of The Detroit Institute of Arts, Baltimore Museum of Art, Florida International University, Miami, Federal Reserve Bank, Miami, Miami Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami.

Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art
158 NW 91st Street
Miami, Fl 33150

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