Macaco from Barcelona

Studio A in Downtown Miami. October 28th, 2007. 8:00 p.m.

Macaco. Miami Art NewsWith a war cry and monkey leaps, Macaco, which stands for Crazy Monkey, climbs the stage at Studio A in Downtown Miami with his group and the audience finds itself transported to the midst of the musical cauldron of Barcelona – an intoxicating blend of rumba catalan, rock, dub reggae, funk, hiphop, electronica and South American rhythms.

Before starting his own band he contributed generously to the adventures of his musician friends, lending his voice and energy to Ojos de Brujo, Los de Abajo, Amparanoia and Dusminguet. The current sound of Macaco is a fusion of melodies like Rumba, reggae, rap and electronic music mingle naturally with street sounds, shouts and whispers from Barcelona's Chinatown and to the freshness and spontaneity of its characters. This musical mix reconstitutes the street life of old Barcelona and gives the impression that one is strolling around the Raval streets, going from Plaza Real to the cathedral, from Plaza George Orwell to the Merce church, stopping now and then to listen to the old melodies which come from the buildings of the Escudelliers street.

For more information, please call: 305.672.5202

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