Mark MacKinnon Winner at the St. Stephen’s Art Show in Coconut Grove

August 2010.

altEvery photograph taken by New York-based artist Mark MacKinnon makes the observer feel as if they are gazing at a still view of life. Whether it’s a remarkable lighthouse in Nantucket or a breathtaking view of Miami’s beaches, his images allow a window of time to admire the beauty the world has to offer.
MacKinnon knows that the quality artists exert while portraying the ever present landscapes depends on the keenness they have to perceive their beautiful qualities. His hope is to show people that although landscapes have naturally striking qualities of their own, the appearance of the land and the objects upon it generally results from the control man himself wields. “There isn’t one of us who is not responsible in some degree for making or marring the landscape of our world,” states the passionate artist.

In February 2010, the St. Stephen’s Art Show in Coconut Grove showcased his work and awarded him 2nd place overall in the show for his photography. “It’s a pleasure to exhibit my work in Miami. I really enjoy the diverse urban crowd of appreciative patrons,” he explained. This annual top-ranking arts and crafts festival gives the South Florida art scene a chance to see emerging artists, like Mark MacKinnon, from all over the country.

The established artist has continuously reached new heights over the span of his thirty-year career. After graduating from UCSD, he devoted his life as a professional photographer and now exhibits his work internationally through a gallery in London while also traveling the show circuit to display his fine artwork throughout the country. While keeping a keen eye out for diverse locations and subjects, MacKinnon is always sure to wow his fans with the straightforwardness and modern style of his landscape photography. His work is known for always being custom framed in white wood moldings that not only add an extra hint of contemporary style and compliment his art, but also allow his pieces to be geared up for display.

The St. Stephen’s Art Show will run February 19th through 21st, 2011 on the grounds of the St. Stephens Episcopal Church.

St. Stephen’s Art Show
2750 McFarlane Rd.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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