Markowicz Fine Art presents a Solo Exhibition by French artist Alain Godon

From Apr 21 through May 15, 2011.

altParis, New York, Amsterdam, Le Touquet Paris-Plage and now this April, Miami joined the list of international cities portrayed by French painter and sculptor Alain Godon. A visual narrator Godon’s paintings capture the essence of a city – its people, culture, monuments, and architecture – and his playful imagination infuses his work with expressive lines and rich vivid colors.

Introducing the collection as Miami’s premier architectural landmark is The New World Symphony’s new campus – New World Center designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry.

While touring Greater Miami with gallery owner Bernard Markowicz in 2009, Godon fell in love with the area and characterizing architecture found in its esteemed performing arts theatres, remarkable historic landmarks, and modern art deco structures. Last April Godon released two oil-on-canvas paintings of South Beach art deco architecture of the 1930s with pieces that include The Colony Hotel and The Hotel Marseilles, named “Les Alumettes” and “Vacances a Marseilles,” respectively. This year, Godon will add between eight to twelve new original oil-on-canvas pieces to the collection.

“The moment I arrived in Miami, I was immediately drawn to the colorful energy of the city and distinct beauty apparent in the architectural landscape and culture of its people. During my stay, I spent my time immersing myself into the lifestyle while visiting many of the area’s most spectacular sites, of which I took hundreds of photos,” said Godon. “My inspiration for the Miami collection was love at first sight and I am overwhelmed with excitement to continue to tell my story visually by bringing to life the magic of the city, portrayed on canvas,” he added.         

Godon began his architecture series five years ago, at which point, his collections attracted more and more collectors who were intrigued by the originality of his style and unique technique. Picking up every characterizing detail that embodies an architectural structure, Godon has a very unusual method of looking at a building that is skillfully portrayed within the art piece. Each painting captures several structural points of view influenced by the building’s many angles, which are all placed on the face of the image to expose the landmark design elements upfront, expanding the architectural integrity.

Godon’s narrative creations tell a hidden story uniquely personal, meant for interpretation by the beholder. As stated in an artistic analysis conducted on Alain Godon by Henry Périer, who has a doctorate in the History of Art, “bringing to life a playful and magical world suggestive of a futuristic comic strip, Godon unites architecture together with surrounding streets, people, trees, animals and objects that all come to life within the space of the canvas.” Often, Godon subtly includes humorous caricatures of his wife, his dog and himself into most of his pieces.

“Miami is an international epicenter that provides a wonderful opportunity for Alain Godon to present his work to people from all over the world. His original style and masterful use of color within his paintings and classical brilliance as a sculptor, has brought Alain great success and built him a reputation throughout Europe as a sought-after artist. After being so incredibly inspired by the subjects and sites of Miami, expanding Alain’s presence in an area resting on an artistic foundation offers a great deal of synergy between the architecture series and the city,” said Markowicz.

Alain Godon was born on November 1, 1964 in Bourges, France. Alain’s whole family painted, from his architect grandfather down. From the age of 11, he lived in Achicourt, France with his uncle, a professional architect who also drew. He inherited this gift which is forever at the source of his artistic expression. By 1985, a visual processor of all around him, Godon began his career painting chalk art on sidewalks outside of the Louvre Museum in Paris.     In 1988 he found himself in St. Tropez, where he painted his first oil-on-canvas, and then later on in Courchevel.    

Christian Boeringer, former Commercial Director of the Louvre Museum, and Patrice Deparpe, Director of the Museum of Le Touquet, have dedicated an entire book to Godon, declaring him one of the best painters of his generation. Unwilling to categorize his own artwork into any genre, Godon is able to paint, sculpt and photograph as his moods dictate. He has exhibited in major art capitals around the world including New York, Moscow, Bali, and Paris.    

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