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Books and Books Coral Gables. January 8th, 2008. 8:00 p.m.

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Meet author Eric Weiner as he reads his most recent book The Geography of Bliss and takes readers on a whirlwind tour of countries that are quietly pursuing the most American of obsessions – the pursuit of happiness – or, in the crabby author's case, moments of "un-unhappiness." Weiner doesn't profess to know what happiness is, but with a beguiling mixture of psychological insight, scientific research, geopolitical analysis and wry humor, he successfully shows us where happiness is.

Are people in Switzerland happier because it's the most democratic country in the world? Do citizens of Singapore benefit psychologically by having their options limited by the government. Is the King of Bhutan a visionary for his initiative to calculate Gross National Happiness? Why is Asheville, North Carolina so damn happy? With engaging wit and surprising insights, Eric Weiner answers those questions and many others, offering travelers of all moods some interesting new ideas for sunnier destinations and dispositions.

Eric Weiner, an award-winning foreign correspondent for NPR and a former reporter for the New York Times, has written stories from more than three dozen countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Indonesia. His commentary has appeared in The New Republic, The International Herald Tribune, and The Los Angeles Times, and he writes the popular "How They Do It" column for Slate. He has lived and worked in New Delhi, Jerusalem and Tokyo.

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