Meet Jon Jefferson discussing and signing The Inquisitor’s Key

Books & Books, Coral Gables. May 15, 2012. 8:00 p.m.

With The Inquisitor’s Key, New York Times bestselling writing team of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson, who write together as Jefferson Bass, strike off in a bold new direction, writing a high concept thriller that combines an international stage with a religious conspiracy, and of course their trademark authentic forensic investigation.

Bass’s fictional portrayal of Dr. Bill Bass – the founder of The Body Farm, Dr. Bill Brockton teams up with his protégé, Miranda Lovelady in Avignon, France. In the course of an archeological dig, Miranda discovers an ornate reliquary inscribed with a stunning claim – the reliquary contains the bones of Jesus Christ. And when someone commits a shocking murder in a bid to steal the reliquary, a deadly tug-of-war ensues between the anthropologists, the Vatican, and secret societies; and Miranda and Dr. Brockton are right in the middle.

In this latest thriller, Bass incorporates aspects of the popular Dominionist movement in America – a militant Christian organization that wants “dominion” over institutions such as government, education, and the media (six presidential hopefuls – Gingrinch, Perry, Bachmann, Santorum, Huckabee, and Palin–have ties to the group) – with the historical account of the disappearance and death of one real-life 14th-century cleric–and the torture-strewn rise of another, Jacques Fournier: a ruthless bishop who had his eyes on the papal crown and was willing to do anything to be named Pope.

The Inquisitor’s Key is and electrifying page-turner that explores the fiery consequences that result when religion, power and greed collide – in the 14th century and the 21st.

Jefferson Bass is the writing team of Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson. Together, they wrote Death’s Acre, a nonfiction account of the Body Farm, before embarking on a forensic fiction writing career as Jefferson Bass. Their debut novel, Carved in Bone, reached no. 25 on The New York Times Best Seller list and was followed by Flesh and Bone, The Devil’s Bones, and a second nonfiction title, Beyond the Body Farm. Their latest novel is Bones of Betrayal.

Jon Jefferson is a veteran journalist, science writer, and documentary filmmaker. His journalism credits include work for The New York Times, National Public Radio, Newsweek, and USA Today. Jefferson learned the art of combining scientific material with compelling human stories during a decade as a science writer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In the 1990s he began writing and producing documentaries for the History Channel and the Arts and Entertainment network, covering topics ranging from Vatican treasures to World War II fighter planes. An aviation buff, Jefferson owns and flies an experimental airplane. As a volunteer with a search-and-rescue team, Jefferson trained his Australian shepherd, Chief, to work as a cadaver dog.

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