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Books & Books Coral Gables. Jun 25, 2011. 5:00 p.m.

Ozzy Inguanzo is a writer, independent producer, and lifelong movie geek with over a decade’s worth of professional experience in feature films. From development and pre-production, into production, post-production, and marketing, he has trained and collaborated with award-winning directors, producers, writers, designers, editors, and motion picture studios.

Ozzy’s strengths in storytelling and visual development have also led him to write and consult on several independent and studio-based projects currently in development. His first book, Constructing Green Lantern: From Page to Screen, offers an in-depth look into the making of the Warner Bros. motion picture.

A first-generation American of Cuban heritage, and graduate of the University of Miami’s School of Communications, Ozzy went on to acquire an apprenticeship with acclaimed production designer Dean Tavoularis (The Godfather Trilogy) at Walt Disney Pictures. He subsequently coordinated the Art Departments for Sony Pictures’ American Revolutionary War epic The Patriot, and the worldwide blockbuster Spider-Man for visionary director Sam Raimi, becoming a reliable player on the trilogy.

For the critically acclaimed sequel Spider-Man 2, Ozzy served as a primary aide to Mr. Raimi, supervising his extensive storyboard and previs/postvis department and helping manage the flow of information between the director and the various department heads throughout the production, and its theatrical and home entertainment releases. He continued under Mr. Raimi’s tutelage into story and script development for what were initially two back-to-back films, Spider-Man 3 and 4; working closely with Academy Award winning screenwriter Alvin Sargent (Ordinary People). At the behest of the film’s editor Bob Murawski (The Hurt Locker), Ozzy then segued into post-production on Spider-Man 3, managing the film’s one thousand-plus visual effects shots.

He most recently completed the Warner Bros. science fiction fantasy Green Lantern, where he held multiple roles. As the film’s researcher and resident comic book expert, he helped translate the spirit and maintain the integrity of the source material throughout the production, selecting reference materials and consulting closely with the filmmakers and DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer, comic book writer Geoff Johns. Additionally, he supervised the myriad ofstoryboards for director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), and managed the production’s thousands of proprietary assets, including the conceptual designs and digital models generated for the film. He also served as the studio liaison for various marketing divisions at Warner Bros. and DC, communicating all ongoing development and supervising design presentations for licensee and press visits. Over fifty years in the making, Green Lantern is a full-scale space epic, adapting one of the longest running comic books to movie screens for the first time.

Ozzy’s involvement with the movie dates back to its inception, which allows him to offer a unique perspective, not only as an insider but also as a fan. “I know that comic book movie adaptations bring with them many questions as to why certain design decisions were made for the film version, so I wanted to showcase the care and attention we put into the visual development process.” Insightful and illustrative Constructing Green Lantern is a book dedicated to the fans, and will be a welcome addition to their library. Ozzy is currently writing and producing his first feature film and working on a graphic novel to be released by Image Comics. He resides in Los Angeles.

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