Meet psychic medium Jeffrey A. Wands

Books & Books. August 20th, 2010. 8:00 p.m.

altSuccessful psychic medium Jeffrey Wands invites you to embark on a wondrous journey of discovery and harness the power within. Jeffrey believes that each of us is a giant treasure chest waiting to be filled with the gifts that we’ve been given, but most of us have not summoned the courage to open ourselves up to discover our personal treasures. When you are brave enough, you can change your mind and change your life. Here, Jeffrey breaks the process down into six simple, easy-to-follow keys: 

Key #1: Evaluate Yourself
Key #2: Gather Your Soul Mates
Key #3: Make Sure Your Home Is Your Castle
Key #4: Bring More Prosperity into Your Life
Key #5: Seek More Spiritual Strength
Key #6: Maintain Your Emotional and Physical Health

These six keys will allow you to dig deep inside, to look at every aspect of your life, and to achieve your greatest potential. 

Jeffrey A. Wands, the author of The Psychic in You, appears frequently on national television, is a popular guest on radio programs across the country, and hosts his own weekly radio call-in program, “Psychic Sundays,” on WALK 97.5 FM. His flourishing psychic practice regularly has a waiting list of up to a year for a reading, and his personal appearances, which benefit the WALK for Women Breast Cancer Fund, are always sold-out events. He lives in Port Washington, New York, with his wife, Dawn, sons Christopher and Robert, and their golden retriever puppy, Isabella.

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