Meet the author John Dufresne

Reading and signing Requiem, Mass. July 23rd, 2008. 8:00 p.m.Books and Books Coral Gables. Miami ArtBooks and Books, in collaboration with the Florida Center for the Literary Arts at Miami Dade College, presents an evening of reading and signing with author John Dufresne at Books and Books Coral Gables, located at 265 Aragon Avenue.

John Dufresne takes us to Requiem, Mass, heart of the Commonwealth, where Johnny’s mom, Frances, is driving in the breakdown lane once again. She thinks Johnny and his little sister Audrey have been replaced by aliens; she’s sure of it, and she’s pretty certain that she herself is already dead, or she wouldn’t need to cover the stink of her rotting flesh with Jean Naté Après Bain. Dad, truck driver and pathological liar, is down South somewhere living his secret life. And Audrey, when she’s not walking her cat Deluxe in a baby stroller, spends her time locked in a closet telling herself stories. Johnny, meanwhile, is hell-bent on saving the family from itself.

John Dufresne has written seven books, including the novel Love Warps the Mind a Little, a New York Times Notable Book, and the fiction writing guide The Lie That Tells a Truth. He lives in Dania Beach, Florida.

For more information, please call: 305.442.4408

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