Miami-based artist Anica Shpilberg shows her work at Shanghai Art Fair

From Sept 14 through 18, 2011.

After her successful participation at the World Tour Exhibition of Contemporary Art in London, Anica Shpilberg, Miami based artist, is participating this year at Shanghai Art Fair 2011 with Elite Fine Art Galleries, Sept 14 – 8, Booth F-25B. This fair is a highly influential platform for promoting the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.

For the first time this year, the fair is showcasing a pavilion devoted to North American Galleries (The American Pavilion), where Anica Shpilberg will be exhibiting her work, along with artists from Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

The American Pavilion will tell the story of the American essence, a place of opportunity and diversity where artists from all countries come together to change a landscape for the better. Uniting strong US galleries, artists, curators and mass media outlets have been one of my priorities as the Associate Director of the American Pavilion,” says Aldo Castillo who believes that success of any profitable global art market requires a prominent artistic venue, a quality of the art exhibited and the strength of the international press-media to properly publicize it.

According to the artist, her work drenched in color is inspired by experience, by emotion; my art has always been the language of my thoughts. The lights, the darks, the depth, the layers that come from exploring textures and colors, they say more about how I feel, about who I am, than words ever could. My intention as an artist is to document and to bring awareness of the social and cultural realities that are patent in our world today.

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