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June 2010.

altJune 2010 is a special month for many reasons. Not only is June a reason for celebration of many anniversaries, such as the 83rd anniversary of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, and more importantly the Florida debut of the newly restored high definition digital version at MBC, with 25 newly discovered minutes that change the whole ballgame that we knew before, but June is also within the 100th anniversary year of the birth of Akira Kurosawa, and we will continue celebrating that with his steamy Stray Dog and the 25th anniversary of the restored high definition version of Ran.

And June is also the last month that MBC will be at its original location at 512 Española Way, for seven years. “We will miss our ‘little temple for cinema’ (as Brazilian director Nelson Pereira dos Santos referred to it as), but we will be taking everything that we like about it (that we can take) with us, right around the corner, to our upgraded, expanded, and amazing, but still intimate and charming, new home in the south side ground floor of the Miami Beach Historic City Hall (at 1130 Washington Avenue), opening later this year”, said Dana Keith, director of the Miami Beach Cinematheque.

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