Miami International University of Art and Design

New Works Faculty Art Exhibition From Dec 8th through Dec 28th, 2006Art and Design (MIUAD) in Downtown Miami is presenting a large group exhibition comprising works by students and teachers of the university’s faculty. Entitled New Works, the exhibition will be hosted in the Main Gallery, showcasing the results of the school’s specialized training and selected talent. Unlike most of the exhibitions happening during this busy week, where galleries and museums strike to bring their best-yet visual arts productions, New Works at the Miami International University of Art and Design invites viewers to experience a mix of the school’s “best” coming from several art disciplines including graphic, fashion and accessory design, film, and computer animation. More than twenty artists and educators are participating in New Works. Their pieces are equally varied ranging from paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography to jewelry, garments, and video installations. For more information, please call: 305.428.5700

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