MOCA at Goldman showcases E-Merce

October 14th, 2006MOCA at Goldman Warehouse announces E- Merce, a new series of special presentations as part of their monthly Mocasonic event. Incorporating art, music, dance, fashion and technology, these presentations celebrate the spirit and innovation of legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham. The first event, on October 14th, E-Merce: In Chance, will feature a b-boy and b-girl battle in which Miami’s best breakdancers engage in a competition that tests each dancer’s ability to improvise. E-Merce: In Chance is inspired by Merce Cunningham’s use of Chance Operations, in which a roll of the dice determines which music and choreography would be performed on stage. The famed hip hop musicians De La Soul, will DJ the event and perform afterwards. Rudi Goblen, of the celebrated break dance crew Flipside Kings, will serve as host for the outdoor street party event. For more information, please call: 305.893.6211

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