MTV's Teen Age Clicks

ArtCenter / SouthFlorida. From Apr 3rd through Apr 6th, 2008.MTV's Teen Age Clicks. Miami Exhibitions
MTV Latin America announced the opening of a unique and innovative art exhibit titled “MTV Teen Age Clicks,” reflecting MTV’s research findings and insights on youth culture. “MTV Teen Age Clicks” will be showing at the Richard Shack Gallery at the ArtCenter / South Florida, 800 Lincoln Road, in Miami Beach, from April 3rd through 6th, 2008.

Designed as a way to share MTV Networks’ research findings with the public, “MTV Teen Age Clicks” was first conceived by MTV Europe and has proven to be a smashing success in London. The latest “MTV Teen Age Clicks” exhibit will use MTV Latin America’s research insights and findings and will travel through Miami, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and São Paulo. At each exhibit, local artists will enliven the atmosphere with their own personal touch. Anyone interested in understanding today’s youth culture should attend this exhibit.

In an effort to further understand the diversity of kids and young people throughout the world, MTV Networks International spoke to 24,000 teens in more than 20 countries via different research methodologies. Young people were surveyed in Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, the UK and the USA. “MTV’s Teen Age Clicks” exhibit is a visual recap and interpretation of MTV Latin America’s findings and will showcase a developing world where young people are optimistic and hopeful despite facing great challenges.

Contrary to what adults may believe, young people today are conservative, smart, influential, image conscious, immersed in technology, surrounded by music, stressed to be cool, connected to one another like never before and yet face many hurdles.

“We met and spoke with an amazing set of young people in conducting this research and we felt inspired by their natural creativity and exuberance for life,” said Noel Gladstone, Vice President of Research for MTV Networks Latin America. “As experts in television and entertainment, we have an ongoing interest in better understanding youth’s core concerns and perspectives on the world and this exhibit is a true reflection of that.”

MTV Latin America is working with Miami based independent curator Mariangela Capuzzo, to select local contemporary artists, senior BFA candidates of the New World School of the Arts of Miami, Florida, to help express MTV’s research findings.

For more information, please call: 305.674.8278

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