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Jorge Pardo: House. From Dec 4th, 2007 through Mar 2nd, 2008.

Museum of Contemporary Art. Miami MuseumsThe Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) presents Jorge Pardo: House, a major mid-career survey exhibition featuring over 60 works including sculpture, installation and painting.

Pardo’s pieces find inspiration in the modernist architecture of greater Los Angeles and the work of industrial designers like Arne Jacobson or George Nelson. He incorporated ordinary design elements in his works, such as chairs, tables, IKEA lamps, or like in more ambitious projects, a sailboat, or a “House”, built and exhibited in 1998 at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

That same house was later adopted as his own home, being the project that better illustrates his interest in erasing the boundaries between recreational space and exhibition space, public and private, or more importantly, art and life.

This exhibition’s curatorial approach is inspired by Pardo’s House of 1998. The works are organized in groups, representing various rooms and areas in a house – kitchen, dining room, bedroom, etc -, and displayed, according to their apparent function. Pardo however, didn’t re-created the original “House” installation for this exhibition, but generated a new context for the work: He adopted the principle of a “home” at the museum.

Each gallery displays large-scale photographs documenting different rooms from several past projects as well as other installations, generating by this means a spatial ambiguity between the physical space occupied by the viewers, and the space illustrated in the photo-mural.

Jorge Pardo was born in Havana, Cuba in 1963 and came to the US in 1969. Over the past ten years he has exhibited internationally in major museums, and has completed several permanent commissions, primarily in Europe. In 2001 he received the Lucelia Artist Award from the Smithsonian American Art Museum. “House” is his first comprehensive US museum exhibition.

For more information, please call: 305.893.6211

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