MyPAC Clubhouse presents It’s a Group Thing

From Jan 9th through 30th, 2010.

The focus of this month’s exhibition at one of our newest alternative exhibition spaces is to bring people together, featuring first time MyPAC artists along with the club’s founding members. Juan Griego, the Miami based curator for the city’s clubhouse, is introduced in this exhibition titled It’s a Group Thing.

The show embodies the current state of most urban artists, who rely on their environment to gather materials, share ideas and continually show their work. It’s a Group Thing brings to light the spirit of MyPAC as an emerging organization for artists to expand their network and become more knowledgeable and successful. MyPAC is open for memberships and is currently accepting applications. Memberships are available for artists who wish to connect to an international network of artists and for art enthusiasts who want to support MyPAC artists.

It’ a Group Thing showcases the work of Isaac Aden, Megan Lotts, Vincent Luca, Hilton Luciano III, Rafael Manresa, Aurora Molina, Bruce Stiglich, Dan Walker, and Valeria Yamamoto.

MyPAC Clubhouse
3324 North Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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